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Lead Testimonials

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Academic Testimonials

During my secondary school years, I chanced upon some really amazing Zing4Life! principles for getting the most out of both the classroom, and private study; in essence, ‘How to Learn/Study for Amazing Results.’ And I did apply the principles and saw amazing performance at that level, and also at the University and beyond. I taught others to apply same and witnessed fantastic results. Though I was from a relatively deprived community/environment and did not benefit from any formal vacation classes and/or extra classes, I out-performed those who were from more privileged communities/environments and had the benefit of vacation classes and/or extra classes; I ended up topping the GCE O’Levels in my school and all the schools in my District and beyond. Indeed, by the close of my Form 3 long vacation, I had finished the Form 5 practical work in one of the key subjects. 

I used my O’Level knowledge in one subject to write the A’Level and had Grade A; thanks to those simple, yet powerful, principles techniques and strategies. From Sixth Form up to the University level, I still was either the best or among the best in my class – and I did not have to strain myself to study for long hours; I enjoyed the practical freedom I got from the principles and so I always had time to do a whole lot of other things – especially learning how to program the computer and mastering many application softwares all on my own; and of course, using the same principles, techniques and strategies I had earlier chanced upon! As a treat, I designed this website, along with all the graphics; in addition to many other projects.

At the University, my performance caught the attention of many, including one of the professors in charge of the departments administration; he approached me one day and encouraged me to maintain my performance and that, my grade point was of importance to the department. Apparently, the department had not seen that level of performance for some time. And I give credit to those really amazing Zing4Life! principles I chanced upon. Of course, I give glory to God, but I cannot discount the impact of those principles; “For lack of knowledge, my people perish!”

During my university years, I became a friend to a first year lady who had (out of prevailing circumstances) performed very poorly in her first University exams. At that time, the prevailing or widely held opinion in the school and especially among her peers was that it was not possible for one to improve upon the Cumulative Weighted Average Score going forward, since things get tougher from semester to semester. I introduced the principles to her, and with that she increased her Cumulative Weighted Average Score consistently; every semester, and graduated with honours. Confident of the potency of the principles she had been armed with, she set a goal for herself to earn a PhD by age 35. And essentially, she achieved it; interestingly, via one of the top Universities in Europe.

Indeed, you can use the principles to learn and master any subject or vocation of interest, and interestingly enough, I used the principles to learn how to sew clothes to international standards in record time; all on my own. And with that I sewed my own clothes and tropical suits for my dad from secondary school level till I entered the university, and actually sewed clothes for export to Canada. And interestingly, what I sewed was of greater workmanship and finesse than the prototype/samples that were initially brought in from Canada. I taught a senior colleague and family friend of mine how to sew, and he was sewing clothes for himself. Much earlier before this, I had used the principles to learn how to make electric door bell, electric buzzer, carbon microphone, loudspeakers, etc. and was having fun making them.

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Health Testimonial

I tried it in the area of health as well; because I did not like the health condition I found myself in at the time; I used to fall sick twice a year on the average and had to be going to the hospital, and worst of all, taking medicines; I particularly hated taking medicines. So I applied some of the principles from Zing4Life! and since then, i.e since the year 1996, I have not had any cause to take any medication apart from deworming myself and taking lozenges against sore throat; of course, once in a long while.

Wealth-Creation Testimonial

It would have been sad if I had not tried it in the area of Wealth Creation; I did! Zing4Life! gave me enough poise to start a business from my bedroom, soon after school with essentially no real capital. Thanks to the clearly laid out guidance of Zing4Life! the business has survived, and it has been growing steadily, when others who did not make use of Zing4Life! principles have collapsed. What started from the bedroom is now operating from a commercial premises worth several thousands of dollars, and the business is providing employment for others. With the support of a small team, I have generated resources and invested to create/develop global brands; products, services and processes that will improve the lives of at least 1 billion people across the globe within 10 years; and especially create jobs or additional income for many of such. And I am certain that the systems I have put in place will be making me so much more passive income than I could ever spend on myself. 

Supreme Mission Testimonial

In 2005, while at church, and in what is glaringly a calling upon my life, the Lord laid on my heart to set up Seers Foundation - Extreme Human Resource Development Non-Governmental Organisation - to help others to also adopt Zing4Life! and groom especially the youth to become excellent in their endeavours, and in life in general, and get them to become exceptional achievers; with the goal to positively transform Ghana (and Africa as a whole; via the Zing4Africa! Programme | You may click here to see). As daunting as this task was, and has always been, Zing4Life! gave me the grit to see through the founding and running of the Foundation. And the results have been amazing! 

Authorship Testimonial

Zing4Life! has further influenced me to write 15 books (and counting); very powerful books in the area of Personal Development/Self-Improvement and Business/Organisational Performance Improvement; with the objective of helping readers to unearth their true/hidden potential, and thus get to achieve so much more than they could otherwise achieve. 

Conviction Testimonial

For me, Zing4Life has turned all the lights to green. There is no ’get ready to stop’ sign in my pursuit of excellence, and there is definitely no ’stop’ sign either!

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