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payment-options.pngThis website is an integrated e-commerce site that allows you to buy/order Zing4Life! books/manuals and video presentations, and/or subscribe to Zing4Life! Online Training, and so much more. Several payment options are available; including Mobile Money Transfer, PayPal, Hubtel, etc. For the full list of items/options available for purchase on this website you may click here or refer to the list of items on the main menu; under the Zing4Life! Plus | Store heading.

To buy/order, download, subscribe or donate an item, click the related link to see the item in the Store Section; you will see 'ADD TO CART' buttons when you are in the store. Then click the 'ADD TO CART' button for the particular item you are interested in, or for peculiar details about a particular item and/or to add multiple quantities of the same item, click on the item itself; following which you should type the quantity/number of that item you want in the Quantity Text Box, before clicking the 'ADD TO CART' button.

After clicking the 'ADD TO CART' button, the item gets added to your Shopping Cart/Bag/Basket instantly; you then have 3 main options...

  1. Click the 'PROCEED TO CHECKOUT' button to confirm your Order and/or process Payment, or 
  2. Click the 'CONTINUE SHOPPING' button to add more items to your Shopping Cart/Bag/Basket, or
  3. Click the 'VIEW OR EDIT YOUR CART' button to see all the items in your Shopping Cart/Bag/Basket; then you can make changes to the types and quantities of items if you so desire, before you click 'PROCEED TO CHECKOUT' to confirm your Order and/or process Payment.


You can view items in your Shopping Cart/Bag/Basket at random or at any time by clicking the Cart/Bag icon (similar to ones shown below) usually located at the top right corner of the website; it may not be active if your Shopping Cart/Bag/Basket is empty.

bagicon.jpg carticon.png


Currency and Forex

Though you can pay in any valid currency of your choice, the official currency for this website is United States Dollars (USD/US$), so items are originally priced in USD; however, depending on your location, your local currency may be displayed, in which case the BigCommerce Forex converstion rate is applied. Where the original USD prices are displayed, you can pay in your local currency in which case you pay the Bank/Forex or conversion equivalent of the invoice amount on the day of payment. 


Custom Application

For further help (assistance) especially if you want to know how Zing4Life! can help you in any specific area of interest please click here to notify us, or call... +233.26.637.7777 | 026.637.7777; we will be too glad to assist you.