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fullfeatureimage.pngHow to unearth your true/hidden potential, make your Current Goals & Future Aspirations better, and exceptional, and also get to achieve them easily and quickly!

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THE ZING4LIFE FULL MANUAL deals with all the 13 parts of Zing4Life! It will guide you and/or your people* on How to make your Current Goals & Future Aspirations better or exceptional, and also get to achieve them easily/quickly! Particularly, it tackles and develops the 13 functional key results determinants and gets you and/or your people* to become  Exceptionally Brilliant, Exceptionally Creative/Innovative, Exceptionally Productive/Wealthy, Exceptionally Healthy, Exceptionally Free/Happy, and so much more! Yes, it will empower you/or your people* to achieve more than you ever thought possible! *Your people could mean your family, friends, team, staff/workers, students/pupils, congregation, countrymen, etc; whichever may be applicable; they all need Zing4Life!

It has the benefits of all the 13 Series combined; or the benefits of the Quick Manual (Why Only A Few Are Rich And How You Can Be Rich Too! - An Introductory Guide on How to Create Significant Wealth) and the Core Manual (The EAGLE in You: The single most important requirement for a great life!) combined.

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When growing up, it is ideal and relevant that someone should explain life to you comprehensively enough; but this is usually not the case. Hardly do you get someone qualified enough to tell you what’s really important where and when, and show you how to organise your life to be more efficient, make great impact and enjoy true happiness. Based on the Zing4Life Series, this manual has been put together in response; to adequately address these issues and be that ‘missing – but found’ life companion or life manual.