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Direct Coaching Subscription Guide

The Zing4Life! Direct Coaching Subscription allows you to go through the Zing4Life! training either...
(a) online on a suitable interactive social media platform with the guidance of a Facilitator, or...
(b) in person with a Facilitator at a training location / venue. 

Follow the following steps...

Step 1: Get the appropriate / applicable Subscription; there are 17 options available, each corresponding to a particular part / manual; as indicated below...

NOTE: For in-person sessions with a facilitator, a minimum of 10 subscriptions of that particular part / option shall be required. Training location shall be the Seers Consult offices, or an alternative location to be decided on the instance of the facilitator if agreeable to the trainee. Where trainees choose different / preferred locations, additional transportation charges shall become payable by the trainees.

Quick Guide:

  Type of Manual   Recommended Subscription
  Zing4Life! Full Manual   Zing4Life! Full - Online Coaching
  Zing4Life! Core Manual   Zing4Life! Core - Online Coaching
  Zing4Life! Quick Manual   Zing4Life! Quick - Online Coaching
  Zing4Life! Part 1 Manual   Zing4Life! Part 1 - Online Coaching
  Zing4Life! Part # Manual   Zing4Life! Part # - Online Coaching


Zing4Life! is amazing!!!



Step 2: Join the Seers Community of trainees; you may click here to Register for Free!

Once you subscribe successfully, a Facilitator will be assigned to assist you through the review questions, and help you to really appreciate the Zing4Life! principles, techniques and strategies thoroughly. They are the ideal soft skills (principles, techniques and strategies) you need in order to move up fast in Education, Business, Career and Life as a whole.

When you are through with the review questions successfully, a 'Certificate of Completion' shall be issued to you.

Be prepared to amaze yourself, family, friends, employers, clients, and the world with a new found zing (energy, enthusiasm, grit, gusto, valour, vigour, zeal, zest) for life!


Zing4Life! is amazing!!!