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Posted by Patience Asare on

Some people know why they are here, sadly others don’t. Some people know where they are going, others don’t. Some people know why they should get there, a lot may not know. Others may know how to get there, but many don’t. It would be a flawed statement to say we are here on Earth just to go through the routine life cycle, with its motions and emotions and go back to the dust. If any of the lines or sentences above have you thinking, or even sounds distressing, do not panic or worry yet, there’s a book that will help you figure things out, and it’s called The Purpose Compass!

Different from any ordinary book, the Author in a consumable number of pages, coaches with pictures, diagrams, questions and answers in addition to home-driving examples, to provoke the reader to think and live above a “normal” life. You’ll get to read about:

  • The four very surprising habits that make life difficult.
  • The combined effects of the four habits.
  • Discovering the Eagle in you, and ultimately.
  • The seven amazing steps to a truly fulfilling life.

These are insightful and life-changing topics you cannot afford not to read! 

Now won’t you be happy if you could always whistle your way to work? You would be happy to finally have balance in your life, won’t you? It would be a joy for all your hard work, to finally pay, wouldn’t it? 

Get your copy of the Purpose Compass and get a copy for the people around you, read it alone, read it in a group, share insight, you could even contact the author to arrange an exclusive training session at your workplace! 

It is an awesome thing to find a book that gives you seven amazing steps to beginning and travelling a journey to a happy and a truly fulfilling life! That’s the book, “The Purpose Compass” by the life coach, David K Egyir. 

Get it, and don’t survive but live the journey!


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