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Welcome! You can become happier, and truly fulfilled!

thumbsup.pngYou come across as a person who 'sees' a wonderful future for yourself and your people, and you are taking steps to achieve that; your presence here is a proof. You are a visionary; you have foresight! All you need now is the right guidance / coaching; the kind Zing4Life! provides... ...for a truly fulfilling life!
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thepurposecompass.pngZing4Life! is available in the form of Seminar Presentations, Workshops, Handbooks, Etc.
Fundamentally, Zing4Life! is... special educing body of information / knowledge; made up of simple and very insightful principles, techniques and strategies that will bring out your true / hidden potential and that of your people and get you to become... Exceptionally Brilliant, Exceptionally Creative / Innovative, Exceptionally Productive / Wealthy, Exceptionally Healthy, Exceptionally Free / Happy, and so much more!

You may scroll down for some testimonials et cetera, or click here for the introductory video. If you like to know how Zing4Life! can help you in your specific area of interest, you may click here to notify us; we will gladly assist you.



Again, welcome to this amazing discovery; we promise you a truly fulfilling life of Extreme #Productivity in just 3 weekends. It's the life-coaching / generic-mentorship you've always wanted; now at your disposal.
Zing4Life! is amazing!!!
thepurposecompass.pngReally amazing research findings compiled into handbooks / manuals, audios, workshops, et cetera and accessible in full or in parts; for instance The Creative Paradigm is Part 1 and Brainy Acts for Learners is Part 4. And there are 13 Parts in all; compiled into 16+1 variations of handbooks / manuals; recommended for you and your people: child(ren) | friend(s) | team / staff / workers | students / pupils | congregation | countrymen | etc...



hpzingcheck.pngDid you know that you were born to be great; that you can pursue and accomplish whatever great desires you set your heart on, but then, you underestimate your capabilities, and use very little of your true potential? You may click here to check for yourself, or you may click here for 'Our Deepest Fear' and more.



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Hi! I'm Dave; an Architect, a Designer, and a Life Coach. In terms of positional leadership, I am the CEO of Seers Foundation, Seers Consult and Infrastructure Solutions Outfit Limited, and part of the Arthro Synergeio team of Architects / Designers. I am also the Global Lead Advocate for Zing4Life! and a certified Lay Preacher of The Methodist Church Ghana.

Several years ago, I chanced upon some really amazing Zing4Life! principles for getting the most out of life, and I chose to apply them - that is, use them - in some critical areas of my life beginning with my academics, then my health, and then my supreme mission in life and business; I saw - and I'm still seeing - fantastic results. I share a few details as follows…




thepurposecompass.pngA truly fulfilling life is very important; however, very rare. How so? And what’s your idea of a fulfilling life?

Sadly, most people are not truly fulfilled in life, and chances are that, such may be your situation. It is possible to make a lot of money and still not live a truly fulfilling life! Also, it is possible to be very religious and still not live a truly fulfilling life! Notice that we are not talking about a fulfilling life (that is subjective) but rather a truly fulfilling life! Yes, there is a big difference! And how is that so important? The Purpose Compass elaborates on this, and other sensitive life issues; including the four (4) habits that make life difficult...